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Relatively simple tweaks to frames for useability - Valkyr WIP

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Hello, i wanted to dip into a few frames that could really use a bit of love for useability. These are relatively minor changes, mostly numerical addition or slight mechanical alterations. 

Let's get on with it. 



- Rubble - 

  • When at max HP and max bonus armour, picking up a Rubble piece gives 1 energy (value debatable) which scales inversely with efficiency (higher efficiency gives lower energy, like Nidus' virulence basically). 

- Landslide -

  • Fix the issue where Landslide cannot target enemies on the ground for a bit. It really breaks the flow. 
  • Make Landslide damage count as melee damage for pack leader
  • Several mods that do not work on Landslide really could be made to work, namely Shattering Impact

- Tectonics - 

  • Instead of the rollerball, make the wall a target for Landslide. When hit by Landslide, the wall explodes outward in a cone (radius can be more or less that of Petrify) doing pure Puncture damage equal to the damage Landslide would deal. It counts as if Landslide had hit/killed the targets for all purposes. 
  • Sinergy - when rumblers are active, they replicate the wall near your own, basically casting a wider version of it

- Rumblers - 

  • Remove the duration cap, but make them lose 2.5% of max HP per second
  • Active rumblers will do a low powered version of Landslide (50% of base damage, does not scale with the Landslide innate combo) to the nearest enemy to them whenever you cast Landslide, provided they're not locked in an animation already. It counts as a hit of Landslide for all purposes but accruing combo counter. 
  • The rumblers melee attack deals damage equal to Landslide but without the aoe. It counts as a hit of Landslide for all purposes but accruing combo counter. 



- Balefire -

  • Swap the charge mode from hold LMB to alt fire to solve the issue with firerate that plagues it, the staticor and the Ballistica series.

- Pillage - 

  • To avoid making hildryn entirely unuseable on one whole faction, make pillage give back a low shield amount per enemy hit regardless of armour/shield value. IE, each enemy hit gives back 25% of the target's shield or armour value OR 20 shield points, whichever is higher.

- Haven -

  • To give the ability a real use, my suggestion would be to make it a proc spreader. Basically, each time one of the linked targets gets a proc, every other target gets proced with the same proc. DoT procs would get their damage from the base damage of Haven and not the one of the original hit to prevent retarded levels of mass nuking. It also obviously wouldn't be recursive (as in, procs spread by Haven do not spread again).
  • Damage type is the same as your modded Balefire base dmg, instead of radiation.

- Aegis Storm -

  • Speed up the ability in general (both cast and decast animations and the actual flight speed)
  • Allow casting of Pillage while in Aegis Storm. Casting Pillage deactivates the CC effect for 3 times the duration of the Pillage wave phase.
  • If Balefire is not active when casting Aegis Storm, activate Balefire. If Balefire is active when decasting Aegis Storm, do NOT decast Balefire.

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il y a 8 minutes, (PS4)LoisGordils a dit :

Why not finish your thread first before posting it?😑

Cause from the phone editing is a nightmare. 

Then again, why comment on that and nothing on what actually is in the topic 😄

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I won't comment on Atlas or Inaros.  I will however comment on Hildryn since I finally bought her and have played around with her a bit.

Balefire is fine.  Never really charge it myself but it seems okay.

Pillage while strong takes from enemies current amount of shields/armor.  Meaning If she's continually casting to be topped off shell eventually not have a source to gain shields back without arcanes.  This is more of a problem against shields than armor since she takes a % from shields but actual numbers from armor.  Which is another problem.  In mid level/most of star chart she can actually strip armor.  Which seems nice but again can screw her.  I agree that she should always get a % of shields back regardless of what enemies defenses are.

I have really nothing to say about her 3.  It extends her passive to allies.  Seems pointless to tether to enemies beyond killing EZ low level trash.  I think it's an okay ability.  I just don't see the point in giving away my shields/energy to allies when I don't particularly benefit from it.

Aegis storm.  could be faster.  More annoyed that I am forced into using balefire and I don't gain any benefit from the fact that she's holding 2.  Just give us a rof increase if you're going to force that synergy.also automatically cast balefire with aegis storm.  Beyond that pillage should absolutely be usable while in this mode.  I'm not going to bother using this mode for CC if I can't keep my shields up.


Overall I like the idea of her kit.  She's basically a Support tank (which we don't really have) that not only has her own market in terms of what she does for support but it doesn't trample over other support based frames.  So she can comfortably exist in a team with another support.  I just hate how reliant she feels on having arcanes (of which I do not have.)  And there are just some odd design choices with her abilities.  I love having this much control over my energy pool.  I love being able to rid myself and allies of status effects (cleanse things are always a plus for me.)  It's just the rest of her that feels sub par.

Funnily enough when Her and Baruuk were shown off I was far more into Baruuk and hated Hyldrin.  But after playing with both for awhile I enjoy Hyldrin far more than Baruuk.  (even though admittingly both frames have very poor gameplay.)

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3 hours ago, Autongnosis said:

Cause from the phone editing is a nightmare. 

Then again, why comment on that and nothing on what actually is in the topic 😄

I know right? People be commenting just to talk trash instead of being a part of the discussion. People sometimes criticize an entire idea or suggestion because of how they don’t like the mechanic of the game itself. It’s like these people have nothing better to do than to troll other people’s posts and contribute nothing to them. 

I made a suggestion about switching Atlas’s 1st and 4th abilities and give him exalted gauntlets. But the people who commented seem to be more focused on the game’s ability system, not Atlas himself. 

But I figured that if Atlas had exalted gauntlets to pummel enemies with Herculean strength and can still perform landslide by tapping the ability then that would make him more fun to use while his rumbler/s becomes his first ability due to how... weak... they are. Unlike wukong and equinox allies that can actually shoot enemies, the rumblers are very limited. So either DE needs to seriously buff them like a lot, or just turn them into his first since their current strength is about that of a first. Wukong and equinox would still do better against long range enemies while Atlas’s would do better short range. While his exalted gauntlets and upgraded landslide would make him more useful against larger hordes. I’ve played with wukong, equinox, and Excalibur long enough to know that I would enjoy Atlas more if he had his own exalted. And he could use them on untargetable enemies. Asked multiple dudes who uses Atlas and even they agreed. 

I even made the suggestion multiple times to make landslide shatter the walls and turn them into shrapnel. Dealing puncture/impact damage to enemies on the other side. Health of the wall could determine the damage. But some dudes would rather the ability be replaced with something else entirely. They might as well make their own posts if they want a complete rework for Atlas. 

But regardless the people who commented didn’t really provide any alternatives nor even attempt to discuss Atlas himself. Even though I did say that I’m open for suggestions. That I’m willing to have a legit discussion. 

Like these commenters are just a bunch of kids searching for candy and throwing anything they either don’t like or can’t comprehend into the trash without giving it a second thought. 

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Readjust duration of the sand shadows. To make the passive more relevant, make it so the revival gauge is charged by sand shadows, as in when you're down the shadows rush you and each shadow that gets to you dies and recharges a % of the gauge (10-15%?).

- Devour - 

  • Make devour deal a % of finisher damage per second, and ramp it up when actively consuming enemies. Ideally it should kill non immune enemies in 6-7s tops

- Sandstorm - 

  • Allow attack speed mods on your melee to affect the tick rate. 
  • When Sandstorm ends, enemies are deposited at your feet instead of ragdolled away and are immobilised (like fracturing crush) for a few seconds
  • Enemies under Devour behave as if Inaros is directly consuming them when caught into Sandstorm 

- Scarab Swarm - 

  • Modding for range increase the radius at which the scarabs jump from one target to the next. 
  • Swarms gain the shattering impact effect, each damage tick decreases base armour by 7 points. Attack speed mods on your melee weapon affect the tick rate. 
  • Enemies under Devour behave as if Inaros is directly consuming them if they are infected by the scarabs. 



Coming next - Valkyr

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