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Why Forma is Bad (And How to Fix It?)

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hmm... at first i thought this to be 'yet-another-complain-thread' about forma... but, i read through and have to say your idea isn't half bad.

it would do what DE wants us to (playing the game and maybe buying forma if we are too lazy to get it otherwise) and it would indeed remove this silly 'downgrade until lvl30 again' feeling that especially player with lower MR have...

...but, you have one huge negative point to this idea not thought of: many weapons are pretty crappy until you formated them a lot of times... with your way, this would mean essential the same as it is now: we run around with a weapon we don't like to use until it gets usefull with enough forma in it - meaning, again most people would just put it into the loadout and let level up passively from the shared affinity (just like it is now). even worse, if you want only the affinity actively gained by the weapon/frame/stuff count towards the allowance to 'forma polarize' it - then, there would be many weapons that people only ever level once upto 30 for the mastery points and then left it to rot in the inventory. it would only end to yet more 'meta-loadouts' than the game already have.

so all in all, the idea is good, but it needs more finetuning...

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