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New infested frame

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A new infested frame would be amazing. I like nidus but there isn't enough love for the infested i really like the look of the infesed weapons, the helminth, and the nidus skins. And again I think a new infested frame would be great.

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This was a concept I made. To be honest I’ve thought of Nidus months before it was even announced that there was an infested frame in the making. And the dudes I discussed with were completely shocked to find out not only did DE make an infested frame but the abilities were identical to ones I came up with with the exception of the mutation passive. 

Now I’m not trying to claim the idea as my own or anything but thing was is I’ve thought of a few dozen ideas for infested type abilities. Would be cool if DE created an infested Arch-Wing and Infested Arch-Gun/Melee. 

But basically this frame was sort of a queen of infested swarms. Imagine flying maggots like what Nidus summons but with wings. Things like that. Even thought of a new kind of infested boss that would put Lephantis to shame. And the Arch-Wing would be similar in summoning infest drones/swarms that chase after the enemies and provide protection. Mainly a very high survivability Arch-Wing. 

A guy even made an infested world concept which I’ve done too almost a year ago. And I even figured this frame and all the new pure infested enemies and boss would be introduced into the open world. 

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