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So, I Wonder When Will We Get Jetpacks? + Backpacks Idea.


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Ever since these units came along. I was thinking we should get one too.




It should act like sentinels with the ability of being destroyed. Just like how we destroy these guys shooting the jetpack.


"Backpacks idea(all destructible):"


a) Jetpack (top)


b) Increase back armor (possible different Tier) / immunity(getting hit from behind, nothing like "Krill") till the backpack is destroyed.


c) Increase ammo capacity 5%-25% or hold all the extra ammunition picked up(animation must change ammo using the bag when you are down to "0" / "0" ammo for "primary" or "secondary"), it should have a maximum capacity too(low than original)


d) Carrying datamass(special) for spy missions(which allows you to use primary weapon)


e) Carrying extra Sentinel(as your sentinel dies, another comes out of the bag) Should be able to stack with "Regen".

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Likely Never, there was the idea of a hook being implemented in a previous live stream similar to a grineer scorpion to allow for some increased movement and climbing options, but the jetpack was said to not be a likely option as it doesn't fit with the theme of the Tenno.


Oh Sev1107 beat me to it.

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Jetpacks would cause all sorts of problems. Personally, I think that they would ruin the fluid movement this game has worked so hard to achieve.

Back packs on the other hand. Meh, we have an item inventory already.

Carrying the datamass is just whatever. It brings meaning to the game type.

If your sentinel dies, it's dead, that should mean something.


Summed up in one word: No.

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