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Suggested Hydroid Undertow changes

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So I've been playing around with it in the Simulacrum and in missions I've seen some flaws with it that should be changed.

  • Corroding Barrage does help by stripping armor but Undertow deals little to no damage if you pull in an Ancient Healer. So this ability needs to disable Ancient auras.
  • Similar to above parasitic eximus still heavily drain energy if you pull them in and stacks if you pull in many of them. So it would also be nice if this skill disable that or at least prevent stacking energy drain.
  • The PoV on the ground is awful. It would be a lot better if we had an aerial view point or at least our normal warframe height's view point.

Other suggestions:

While in undertow, when using Tentacle Swarm it will send out tentacles that travels to targets and drags them back to hydroid's Undertow instead of randomly spawning tentacles. Tentacles disappear upon returning to hydroid to drop the enemy in undertow, and spawns a new tentacle to seek more targets if Tentacle Swarm has remaining any duration.

This will be a nice change for Pilfering hydroid builds, so we can group all of the enemies in one location like Nidus.

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Just listen to what the game is telling you and change tactics. Undertow sure as hell doesn't need any buffs.

Also, the camera is the way it is in Undertow because:

1. You're a friggin' puddle.

2. Tentacles launch from the center of the puddle and having the camera positioned such makes it the easiest for players to parse whether or not they have a clear line between puddle center and target.

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