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Hacking while holding Nikana

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When you hack the panel with holding nikana your left hand swing unnaturally with sheath.

This kind of problem is not only about nikana and hacking motion.

Various motion with holding various weapon direct weird scene.

I want be free-handed when several actions.

Here is motions that I feel weird.

-Landing motion when mission start

-Getting on landcraft when finish the mission.

-Hacking motion

-Capture and revive motion.

-one-hand ability with akimbo 

-garas 1,2,3 with akimbo 

-nezhas 2 with gun, 4 with any weapon

-nekros 4 summon with melee, 4 calling with gun

-novas 4 with akimbo

-nix 4 meditation with gun, 4 release with any weapon

-rahino 3 with gun

-limbos 2 activate/disactivate with any weapon, 3, 4 with any weapon

-mags 1 with any weapon, 4 with gun

-mesas 2 with arcgun (you know, surprised her arm power)

-mirages 1 with melee, 2,3  with akimbo and melee, 4 with gun

-banshees 1, 2, 3, 4 with gun

-volts 3 with gun


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Some animations are going to be changed very soon: hacking, capturing, reviving.

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