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Damage System 2.0 Affecting Current Weapons


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I would like to start by saying that I do not have 946329 Orokin Catalysts.

I watched the most recent live stream (is that supposed to be together?) and the new damage system was mentioned multiple times.


Today, I finally managed to get my awesome laser spitting flux rifle of doom. However, I am not sure if it would be "safe" or a good idea to potato the weapon (I plan on using it end game, so against enemies over level 100 pretty frequently) considering the fact that the new damage system is coming out and this might affect the usefulness of certain weaponry (especially the flux rifle since it does serrated damage and might be good for ONLY killing infested in the future). 


TLDR: Should I potato flux rifle even though the new damage system is coming soon and might mess the flux rifle up?

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It's not like they'll be removing armor completely..

They're just making it so the enemy's armor doesn't go through the roof once they get past a certain level.

This is to make it so armor ignoring weapons aren't the only worthwhile ones late-game.

im not sure, but i think that they are too changing how damage works, including elemental damage and such

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