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Heavy Ground Slam is it worth it?

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To be clear, I love how the heavy ground slam looks and what it does, so I am not just hating on it with this I am just curious.

As of now, the combo multiplier will still give a damage bonus and blood rush crit % will still scale in someway.

Will there be a reason to ever even use the heavy ground slam even for people who dont use blood rush, since damage still increases?

Just suspending targets in the air to be hit some more, doesn't seem as good as just endlessly increasing our damage output.

Is there a reason to do the heavy slam that i am not seeing?

It honestly looks like the people who would make the most use of the ground slam, are the people who take the mods that reduce the chance of building multiplier.

Since at that point they will be like well im at 50 and i know im going to lose it, so ground slam.

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