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with channeling being deleted, what is going to happen to the visual effects?


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i'm exited about melee 3.0 but it sucks that all of the channeling effects, including light saber sound effects, light trail visuals, disintegrating enemies, warframe glow, armor channeling effects (Edo prime) are also potentially being thrown in the trash along with channeling.

how about applying the visual effects in some other way? 

  • add an optional "aura release" cosmetic function.
  • automatically activate these visual effects while abilities like exalted blade are active.
  • activate the effects while charging a melee attack

i feel as if this is important to discuss because, again, its a lot of impressive visuals and sounds that may or may not be deleted, which is such a waste. another reason is that, again, some of these visuals are tied to cosmetics like the Edo prime, or the cosmetics players payed for with real money.

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