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Lanka Charge Light Glare


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I've searched the forum for this topic but it seems I'm either one of the few experiencing it, or not many people struggle with it. While the Lanka is a super fun weapon, I can't help but notice that no matter what energy colours I use, I end up with a blue charge light on the weapon that seems to bleed quite a bit. This is great visual feedback for a charged shot, but because it's so big, it interferes with aiming. Especially so when the glare remains even when zooming in.


Here are two images to illustrate this: http://imgur.com/iX3jEOq,DPwxxZk

These are even without bloom and colour correction turned on.

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I honestly don't see all that much glare in that picture.

Have you also taken a look at the second image? I believe that is where this effect interferes the most. There is also what I can only describe as a series of sequentially blinking lights on the end of the barrel, which are small white particle dots.

They are better illustrated in the following image: http://imgur.com/KjDy87Z

I also think zoomed mode has a bug, as the glare and lights do not follow the weapon. If you do have the lanka, this effect can be observed by charging until the light is on, then zooming in, then aiming leftward. The lights that were in front of the barrel and glare on the charge light are now seen in mid-air nowhere near where the barrel end should be.

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Bump, with more supportive evidence.  Can't see a good 15-20% of my screen when I'm trying to aim... it's really bad.



Love using Lanka, but it's extremely difficult to aim with that default particle/lighting glitch.  Also my Lanka's energy color is purple, but that seems to be the generic bright blue light effect tacked onto the weapon's charging functionality.

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