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Idea For a New Gameplay Mechanic

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This started as thinking of a solution to Titania over capping her energy pool with vac and wasting ALL the orbs. Picking up an energy orb when full (or extremely close to full) on energy should grant some sort of free casting. I dub thee Overcharge. This could be implemented/balanced in various ways, with tons of modding possibilities.

How I would implement Overcharge: Upon pickup of less than 5 energy from an orb, gain a 3 second buff with up to 3 free ability casts. Using up all 3 casts would NOT end the buff early, as toggled abilities are free for the duration. Picking up another energy orb would refresh the buff duration and casts. (this can be nerfed to only add 1 sec 1 cast per additional orb, which would allow more room for mods)

Mods could be added for anything like:

  • Increased Duration of Overcharge
  • Increased # of Casts
  • Increased benefit of subsequent orbs refreshing Overcharge
  • Reduce the Energy Cost of Overcharge (increase trigger threshold i.e. less than 10 instead of 5)
  • Bonus Power Strength/Duration/Range for abilities cast in Overcharge
  • Weapon Buffs for duration (dunno if mods should be on Warframe slots)
  • Bonus Mobility for duration (dunno if these durations should be tied to overcharge duration or have a separate buff activate upon overcharge)
  • Elemental Buffs for duration
  • Armor/Damage Reduction for duration

etc... u get the idea. I feel this would satisfy the complaints about Titania having vac without removing vac, while also bringing in a whole new wave of build options.

Don't worry DE. This benefits both new and ancient players. New ones will enjoy their Frames' abilities more in the rough, grindy, and energy constrained early game (and in turn become more invested and stick around to become vets). Meanwhile Vets will have a new mechanic and new builds to play with on EVERY Warframe. Everyone wins here.

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