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Host Migration and Skip Cinematic

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Hi DE, 

If you had not noticed, many people keep posting about these 2 main bugs on a regular basis, which are still ongoing since a long, long time ago. However, no apparent solutions have been made to resolved these 2 issues. 

Personally, i have friends who have quit this game due to these issues, as on a bad day, it's really difficult to enjoy the game with those bugs constantly disrupting what should be an enjoyable gaming experience. I don't think I need to go into how these 2 issues affects the gaming experience as many people have made posts regarding this.

I understand a lot of your resources are spent on creating new content as many players also complain of a lack of content, and obviously you have overheads, bills and profits need to be made. However, I do feel you are overlooking this detail of the player experience, which is not just content related. There will be players who will say that they never experience these problems and don't understand what I am "complaining" about, and I am happy for them as it's not an nice experience to have. However, there are enough players who keep experiencing this on a regular basis to warrant solutions/fixes to these issues.

I personally think you guys are doing a great job, but need to broaden your focus onto the game as a whole, rather than just content.

Keep up the good work!

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