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Problem With My Rank



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Your weapon and Warframe ranks are not equal to an enemy's level. The level of enemies is just a scale of difficulty for them. The only way you get stronger is to rank up mods and find your most efficient builds for your gameplay style.

To unlock missions, you just complete each one before; when you complete a mission, it unlocks all missions connecting to it on the planet's map. You run those unlocked missions to unlock the ones connecting to them.

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On the maps there are three kinds of dots, white, blue and locked.


White are the ones already done. The blue are the ones unlocked and not yet done, and the locked are... locked.


Doing the missions in the blue dots will turn them into white, and turn the locked planets connected to them into blue.


If you see, the last mission of one planet is connected to the first of another by a line. For example, Mercury is connected to Venus, Venus to Earth, Earth to Jupiter and another planet.


If you want to go to Jupiter, you must have unlocked all missions between Jupiter and Mercury (the first planet you start in).

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Yes. Each planet is connected to another planet. When you unlock the last mission in a planet, it will unlock the first mission in the planet connecting to it.


For example, Mercury is connected to Venus. Venus is connected to Earth; Earth connects to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, and so on. When you're zoomed in on a planet, you can see the surrounding planets that connect to it by holding and scrolling around the screen. Finish the mission that connects Mercury to Venus (I believe it was Apollodorus?), the first mission in Venus will unlock.


Hope that clears it up.

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