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Nightwave: Intermission II

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As Arlo’s story comes to a close, it’s time for Nightwave: Intermission to take over the airwaves.

During Intermission II, you can earn fan-favorite rewards from both Nightwave: Series 1 and the first Intermission!

Rank Rewards include:

  1. 150 Intermission II Creds
  2. 2000 Endo
  3. Weapon Slots x2
  4. 200 Ducats
  5. Arlo's Flame Decoration
  6. 50 Intermission II Creds
  7. Kuva x 20000
  8. Wolf Salute - Emote
  9. Orokin Catalyst
  10. Orokin Reactor
  11. 50 Intermission II Creds
  12. Kuva x 20000
  13. Napalm Grenades (Augment)
  14. 3-Day Affinity Booster
  15. Eidolon Ephemera
  16. 50 Intermission II Creds
  17. Exilus Adapter
  18. Ancient Scrawl
  19. Liset Athari Skin
  20. Wild Frenzy (Augment)
  21. 50 Intermission II Creds
  22. 3 Forma Bundle
  23. Ayatan Anasa Sculpture
  24. 50 Intermission II Creds
  25. Arcane Energize
  26. Aura Forma
  27. Warframe Slot
  28. Saturn Six Syandana
  29. Umbra Forma
  30. Saturn Six Armor Bundle

We’ve also made changes to Nightwave based on your feedback!

  • Removed the “Gild a Modular Weapon” Act
  • Reduced the “Forma” Act requirements from 3 Forma to 1
  • Reduced the “Silver Grove Specter” Act requirements from 3 kills to 1
  • Kuva is now always available in Nora’s Offerings
  • Intermission Change: Intermission II has 30 Ranks with 30 additional Prestige Ranks similar to Series 1 and 2; the first Intermission had 15 Ranks without - Prestige Ranks; each Prestige Rank grants 15 Creds

You’ll need to earn Intermission II Creds to buy items from Nora’s Offerings! Creds from the first Intermission and the first two Series can be sold for 5,000 credits apiece if you have any lingering in your Inventory.

Nightwave: Intermission II will only be available for a limited time. Good luck, Dreamers.

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I guess I should be glad about these rewards, actually. I despise chorewave, so not feeling any pressure to do it anyhow is nice. Slogging through 29 ranks for another umbral forma just isn't worth the effort. Amusing how many ranks this one has, seems like it suggests a really long projected runtime. Nightwave being easy to keep up with making new "content"/lore for sure fell through instantly, huh?

Unrelated, gonna ask again: Why on earth do nightwave creds even have an expiration when all of the more unique or meaningful rewards are locked behind the rank bonuses? There is no reason to prevent cred "stockpiling" because it doesn't let someone avoid doing the chore slog if they actually want the new or good stuff. Cred expiration feels like it was an idea that must have predated the concept of the ranking rewards, and you guys just never reconsidered it after making it a pointless restriction.

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2 minutes ago, iGnome21 said:

Disappointing dead "rewards" for those who already completed season 1.

Would be acceptable if the armor and repeats were replaced by consumables. (umbra forma hint hint...)

I wouldn't want the  rewards to be umbra forma. I would happily take each one turning into an extra fifty cred if you already have that item.

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Hey Helen. Any word on being able to trade Ephemera exclusively for other Ephemera from other players? Those who completed season 1 would effectively get no reward at ranks 15 (Ephemera), 28 (Syandana) and 30 (Armor set). Being able to trade would alleviate it somewhat.

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What's the reward for those who already have old things? I mean di augments, the ephemera, the saturn parts. Can we turn them into i don't know, 20k kuva per item? No point in having them sit in our inventories.

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Using intermissions to bring back rewards from previous NW seasons (and other events too) is appreciated. 🙂

Especially if one happened to miss it (I know people who weren't around for the relay reconstruction and wanted that Liset skin, same for Wolf Boi's armor).

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3 minutes ago, --DSP--Jetstream said:

So basically no reason to play because all the rewards are recycled, not even new ones?

There’s a new cosmetic item near the beginning, Arlo’s Flame Decoration.

Plus there’s the usual assortment of useful items like slots, forma, Kuva, and even another Umbra forma. If you don’t want or need any of those then yeah, this one is definitely skippable.

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