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Nightwave: Intermission II

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10 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:
  • Wolf Salute - Emote
  • Saturn Six Syandana
  • Saturn Six Armour Bundle
  • Eidolon Ephemera
  • Ancient Scrawl
  • Wild Frenzy(Augment)
  • Napalm Grenades(Augment)

I feel like this rewards that came from previous NW series could have easily have been added to the NW store and maybe made intermission only NW store items instead made to put filler content into the NW tiers.

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Well, I'm disappointed.

I get it, you were bugged by a lot of people who've missed Season 1 and Intermission Part 1, to bring back rewards for S1, I get it. But there're a lot of us, who did both and we have all that stuff. So for us rewards for ranks 8, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20, 23(oh, that must be a joke, tell me it's a joke, you can get Anasa for bloody Sortie, for God sake, seven of them per week if you're lucky/unlucky enough), 28 and 30 don't exist. That's 9 ranks out of 30, almost one third. Yeah, I appreciate another Umbra forma, additional Energize and whatnot, and I get it that Intermission isn't a full-fledged Nightwave season with lore attached to it, but then again, you've made it as long as full-fledged season, with 30 normal ranks and 30 prestige ranks.

There're so many ways to do this another way, that would've pleased everyone. Moving those rewards to item shop, setting not-so-high price for them and changing corresponding rank rewards to credits would've been so much better one.

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Really poorly designed this time for those of us who have already done nightwave 1... and it's for 30 tiers meaning long old wait for the next nightwave then.

If I ignore kuva which I can get elsewhere easily enough there is literally nothing for me until I get to rank 25..... and even then I only need the arcane energize, aura forma, warframe slot (got spares but still) and umbra forma. 

Like many others I want the umbra forma but there is literally no reason for me to do the tiers leading up to it because I have them already or have no need for them....

The ayatan sculpture isn't even the brand new one, it's one of the more common rewards from sorties.....


So can someone at DE explain why it honesty feels like this is basically screwing over those of us who have done the previous nightwaves just to cater to those that didn't put the time/effort/whatever in the last time the rewards were available.

Old rewards could have been part of the cred rewards, they did not need to be tier rewards.

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Sadly  have to say I dont like the idea of dupe rewards, for people that complete the nigthwave are just dead rewards, why? because u cant  trade cosmetic items....

The cosmetic items should be on a shop (baro or nigthwave) not make it again as a "new reward" for a new season/intermission. That makes more sense.

Very very sad and disappointed,😞

PS Feedback: If u still want the old nw rewards on intermission just put them on the last ranks so the dupe thing should be avoidable.

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Bringing back old Rewards is fine, a chance for people who missed them, not sure why people expected more from an Intermission.

But for those of us who already have them, it's a wasted Rank. I have all of the old Cosmetics and Mods, so 8 out of 30 Ranks are useless to me. That's almost one in four. Please give us some Credits instead of Duplicates. I'd be okay even with the Prestige Ranks' 15 Credits.

Also having Rewards like Cosmetics and Kuva appear so early on but putting Warframe Slots so far behind (Rank 27), is a mistake. Newer Players will need and care about the Warframe Slot much more than Kuva -a Resource they need for a few Warframes up until much later, and in a quantity that a single Kuva Reward is already in excess- and Ship Decorations, but these are the same Players that would have a hard time reaching Rank 27+. Please move Warframe Slots in the first 10-15 Ranks for Nightwaves moving forward.

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32 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:

Removed the “Guild a Modular Weapon” Act


Disappointed that there aren't any new augment mods though. I was looking forward to those.

There should also be something different for people that already have the unique rewards from previous Nightwave seasons. For example, a big lump of cred.

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29 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:


  • Kuva is now always available in Nora’s Offerings

You’ll need to earn Intermission II Creds to buy items from Nora’s Offerings! Creds from the first Intermission and the first two Series can be sold for 5,000 credits apiece if you have any lingering in your Inventory.

oh man
I really wish that was a thing earlier
I mean I hoarded all the prestige creds from series II and forgot that I intended to spend them on Kuva.
I hit tier 60 THEN remembered to check cred offerings. And no kuva was available in the last set of cred offerings.
Until that moment, I hadn't really felt the grind. But then it hit me that it was all for waste. 😢

As a player with 200mil normal credits, i have no use for converting nightwave creds to normal creds.
But kuva is never enough...

I mean this is a good direction, making kuva offering evergreen.... I really can appreciate that move and what it will mean for people like me in the future

But is there any way you guys could make the earlier NW creds spendable in intermission cred offering stores? Please? ;-;


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The duplicate rewards need to be replaced with something for players who already own them. A second saturn six armor set is completely useless for someone who dedicated their time into getting the set back in season 1, these are dead rewards.

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11 минут назад, Petroklos сказал:

not sure why people expected more from an Intermission.

Because last time we got Eidolon Ephemera, which is, arguably, one of the best Ephemeras in the game.

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For people that already 100%'ed previous Nightwaves, 8, 15, 18, 19, 28, and 30 are redundant, and 13 and 20 are redundant but tradeable. As others have said, that's over 25% of the reward tiers that are useless. Heck, worse than useless, if they clutter our inventory and menus with duplicate cosmetics! @[DE]Helen please tell us you guys have something lined up to provide us instead, like a lump of Nightwave credits that we can burn on Kuva, or Ducats, or something. I'm glad to have another Arcane Energize and Umbral Forma, but this Intermission is pandering really hard to the people that didn't do the previous Nightwave. I understand wanting to give people a chance that didn't have the catch-up mechanics before, and my friend is more eager to play this intermission than they were for the Saturn Six or Intermission 1 Nightwaves because of the rewards, but this feels really cheap to just immediately re-release exclusive cosmetics and rewards, and to not provide anything new to Nightwave completionists but for a single ship decoration.

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I mean, I'm not even asking for new rewards, but at least the following things could have been implemented to alleviate the pain of having completed Series 1 when it originally dropped:

1) Let us trade the rewards.

2) Let us skip the rank with the repeated reward so we can progress faster towards the other rewards we can actually use more than once.

3) Have a profile inspector and give something else like Kuva, Arcane, Weapon/Warframe slot, or Umbra forma if you already obtained the repeated cosmetic reward in a previous Nightwave.

All of that would be a fair compromise so those who cared enough as to rank up Series 1 before don't feel like they are losing out on nearly 1/4 of the rewards.

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I haven't got some of the first serie rewards so good to see them returns.

Btw DE how is possible that you think that put rewards that will be duplicates for a good amount of player would be a good idea? Terrible design choice and some of the rewards are pretty meh for me (2k endo? an anasa?).

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27 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

"Bring back old rewards!

"New rewards please"


Image result for rock and a hard place simpsons gif

not seeing how that gif is relevant to the situation. 

this isn't an either or situation, they could have brought back old rewards a dozen different ways that didn't exclude people who had done past seasons. 

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