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Hildryns balefire launcher bug

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Dear DE, noticed a small but quite annoying bug, when using Hildryns Balefire launcher and simultaneausly giving your secondary weapon to a sortie defense operative (and also sometimes getting in and out of operator form) may result in some weird behaviour.

First of all sometimes your balefire launcher dissapears and you are stuck without a weapon. Switching weapons in this state does nothing and melee is disabled. Balefire cannot be cast in this state. The other skills can. This is "fixed" by activating Aegis storm and reactivating your balefire launchers. After leaving Aegis storm mode, sometimes your weapons will be back, sometimes they won't.

Sometimes after balefire launcher finishes(due to disabling it or running out of shields), I got my secondary, while the sortie defense operative still had it too, effectively duplicating my secondary weapon, while not a big problem, I don't think this is intended behaviour. 

Kinda feels like a null ref exception when trying to switch back to a weapon that is no longer there since you've given it to the defense operative.

Loving the game, loving your continued support, and looking forward to the next update,


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