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Cred Offerings And Intermission Cred Dissapearing

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I just finished rank 1 of the new Nightwave Intermission update. After getting 150 Intermission Creds, I went out my way to get 2x Orokin Reactors for my newly crafted frames. When I was about to install it on Gauss, a notification popped up and it says "Configuration could not be completed. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later". I thought it was only a bug, so I went on and relog on the game. When I was about to try to install the orokin reactor for the second time on the same warframe, it says I have ZERO Orokin Reactor. I thought "oh maybe the system didn't went through or something, and maybe I still have my Intermission Creds, I just need to buy the Orokin Reactors again". BUT NO. My Intermission Creds  are GONE TOO. PLEASE DE FIX THIS. I NEED MY STUFF BACK. I spent a good amount of time finishing up the missions...

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