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Anti Matter Drop Not Pausing?


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I'v been a Nova user for over 110+ Hours, and the main reason I never used AMD was for the fact that no matter how hard I tried, 9/10 times it wouldn't slow down when I aimed at it, and since I use the Grakata it makes hammering a clip into it hard at medium ranges.



I'v tried taking my reticle on and off it during it's first launching seconds, to aiming at it firmly, and even just looking at it the entire time i'm casting it. Does anyone else tend to have a hard time getting to to actually slow? I know it's supposed to work during the first few moments after launch, and i'm not trying to slow it down when it's a ways out there already, it just never slows down at all.



Also this is normally during Solo runs, so not a host issue. When it does decide to slow down when aimed at, it makes all the difference when landing my shots. 



What am I doing wrong D:

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I've had trouble with this too, though it seems to be sporadic. For a while it'll work like a charm, even slowing down when it moves into (or even near!) my crosshairs far away.


And then for no apparent reason, it will just stop working and every time I fire one it won't slow down no matter what I do. T-T


And then it'll go back to normal again eventually...

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