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Hacking And Hacking Missions (Ideas)


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Hey guys i've been thinking about this for a while but wouldn't it be great if you could do more than just override systems that occasionally blocks your path? 

I'm thinking of something more like ''high risk, high reward'' type of hacking which involves you to hack for a longer time.
For example.

1 - Hacking Corpus data so that you take over their turrets for a brief moment or redirect their lasers/cameras
2 - Hacking that involves teamwork in form of ''Pipe Mania'' while preventing deadly gas or traprooms from being sprung.
3 - Bomb Defusion missions which are time based and focuses heavily on teamplay.

Bomb Defusion is a mission which is a mixture between mobile defense and survival where all four Tenno will need to multitask to succeed, either by defusing one bomb or an entire system filled with traps and units that might be immune to some type of weaponry and it could mostly be designed by Corpus and exist in high end levels.

How it works? Well seeing as there are four in a party, one or two could hack while the two others fend off and retrieve components which speeds up the hacking or opens up new pathways in the system for them to hack.

I don't want to dwell too much on this concept so please tell me what you think of it and what do you think could improve such an idea if it's even worth checking out?

Thanks for reading.

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