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Selling Un-Used Mods



Well, recently I got a mod pack from the market and got a few mods I didn't want. As instinct I tried to sell them, however that didn't work. So I tried to fuse them and transmute them , but none of those worked either. What's going on how can I fix this, Is it because I bought it as a mod pack or is it just the game? Can some one please explain.

Ps: I am horrible in English, so back off Grammar Nazi'z

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Where you went wrong was buying a mod pack. Okay, okay, in all seriousness, this is probably a bug.


Fill out a https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/requests/new'>Support Ticket and let them know the problem. They should give you an answer and be able to help you out.



This ain't your usual meme websites, fyi.

But it is still the internet.

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