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Some Nm Mod Idea


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Breaker: Piecing + Muti shot (max 60 +30 %)

(bow) Battle Cooler: Freeze + Arrow Explore (60% + 30%)

(shotgun) Unlimited: Ammo Convert + Clip maximum (10 per unidentified box + 60%)


Secondary: ...nar it's already got enough



Hell Flame: Fire rate + Fire damage (60 + 60%)

Cold Bite: Freeze + base dam (60 + 60%)

Gamble Sprite: Crit chance + Crit dam (60% + 60)



Detective: enemies rada + loot rada (20 + 20 %)

Sage: Power efficiency + Power strength (20 + 20 %)

Think "Fast": Sprint Speed+Slice (30 + 30 %)

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The first primary mod is unbalanced and OP

then let's make it hard to find like LEgal Torrent or Blaze :D...0,1% sound cool to u ?

These would require a massive point requirement to even start to be balanced. At all. Ever.

well no worry bro, the maximum of (beside Frame mod) are 20-60%....bte i just fix the number

If you have suggestion to this then add a number for it too. The frame skills sounds cool  and the melee skills also. I have also few idea to add sprint speed and stamina mod combination and buff a bit the rush.


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