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Foundry Ate Two Potato Blueprints



In the beginning, I had 3 Orokin Catalyst blueprints in my inventory. I decided that I'd craft one of them.


So, 24 hours later, I checked the foundry and the Catalyst had finished crafting. I claimed it, and the "Built item has been added to your inventory!" notification appeared.

So I went to my weapon's Upgrade screen and hit the "Upgrade" button... and then it said "You do not have Orokin Catalyst" or something of the sort. I was all like "Eh, maybe the lag stopped it from registering or something" (as my internet connection periodically has 5-10-second-long hiccups every one or two minutes), so I went and checked the Foundry, and, sure enough, the Tater was still sitting there, unclaimed. So I claimed it.

So I went back to the weapon screen... and same error. I apparently did not have the Orokin Catalyst (and I checked my inventory; it wasn't there either).

So I Alt+F4'd and rebooted the game, checked my inventory, and there it was, in its incredible inedible-looking glory. So I excitedly popped it onto my Ignis, looked at my creation, and saw that it was good.


So after that, I went and checked my inventory to check how many Galliums I had, since I wanted to craft a Brokk Hammer skin sometime. So I scrolled around, scrolled down a bit too fast, and the word "Orokin Catalyst" naturally caught my eye, so I looked at it and saw that I had... one blueprint left.

The glitch had caused my single Orokin Catalyst to eat two of my three blueprints. I assume this was from hitting the "Claim" button twice.




So... Has this happened to anyone else? Should I file a ticket?

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