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[All Platforms] Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert


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HALLOWED FLAME is here from October 25th @ 2 PM ET until November 1st @ 2 PM ET. 

Light the darkness with the HALLOWED FLAME, Tenno. In this Tactical Alert, you will need to survive the hordes of Infested plaguing the Origin System. For those of you who fought the Zealoid enemies introduced in Nighwave: The Emissary, you are already equipped with the knowledge to survive the night.  

What You Need To Do

Seek out the Zealoid and destroy him to procure the Lantern - a prized item whose light sheds the invulnerability of the enemies washed over by it. Keep the Lantern charged for the required amount of time by killing enemies. Do so successfully to extract and earn rewards!  

1) Play the corresponding HALLOWED FLAME nodes to earn the Rewards!
2) The final node is the Endurance mode - play as long as you’d like!

What You Need To Know

Each mission increases in time and difficulty. Completing all three missions in the World State Window will unlock the Endurance node:

  • You can extract at any point after 5 minutes, but since this is an Endurance Mode see how long you can go (for Leaderboards)!  

A single Lantern is dropped from the Zealoid, so if you are running the missions in a Squad some coordination between you and your teammates is involved to make sure you stay within its light. Keep in mind that whoever picks up the Lantern will be the center point of its light! A blue indication on your map will show you where the light is located: 


Maintaining the Lantern’s charge means you will also maintain its range - if the charge starts to dip, so will the lit area in which you can clear enemy invulnerability. 

New hordes of Infested will be detected around the map to help you keep the Lantern charged. Follow the marker when it appears! You can also open the map to see where these areas are located. 

Destroying the pumpkin containers spread across the map also contributes to charging the Lantern.


Surviving each mission tier will earn you the following Rewards: 

  • Mission 1: Orokin Catalyst 
  • Mission 2: Forma
  • Mission 3: Aura Forma
    • If you can manage the necessary single-run score of 900 (15 minutes) 

Searching for Caches in the mission may yield you some special Hallowed Flame goods including Kuva or the Day of the Dead Sigil - be mindful though! You’ll have to balance keeping the Lantern charged while doing so. Stay vigilant of how much charge is left in the Lantern. 

Clan Information:

Clan Leaderboards will be available during HALLOWED FLAME! Even though this is a Tactical Alert, we want Clans to take their shot at the top of the boards. How long can you and your clanmates survive the Infested onslaught? 

Clan scores are determined by the Total (Sum) of each participating Clan member's single best run in Endurance Mode! These leaderboards do not include scores from members that joined after the Operation started.

PC WEB LEADERBOARDS: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/hallowedFlame.php

XB1 WEB LEADERBOARDS: http://content.xb1.warframe.com/dynamic/hallowedFlame.php

NINTENDO SWITCH LEADERBOARDS: http://content.swi.warframe.com/dynamic/hallowedFlame.php

PS4 WEB LEADERBOARDS: Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances during our mainline hustle and bustle, we are unable to provide leaderboards for our PS4 players. We apologize!   http://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/hallowedFlame.php

October 28th Edit: We deployed a Hotfix yesterday that fixed the issue we had putting the Leaderboards live so they are now available in game and via the web link above! This Hotfix also fixed an issue where some players were unable to load into the Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert missions as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1135775-hallowed-flame-mission-doesnt-load-fixed/



“How do I participate in Hallowed Flame?” 
Simply go to your Navigation console and click on the “Events” tab to see the active HALLOWED FLAME nodes. You can also travel to Earth to access them. 

“Will the Naberus Ephemera return after Hallowed Flame?” 
This item will be a seasonal special - similar to the rest of our Day of the Dead goods. You can expect it to return during our annual Halloween events. 

“Are there any Clan Trophies awarded for Hallowed Flame?” 
Since this is a Tactical Alert and not an Operation there are no Trophies - Hallowed Flame is a fun Halloween themed event to celebrate the spooky season! Clan members can get together to reach the top of the Leaderboards. 

“Can the Lantern be dropped and passed onto another Squad member?” 
Yes! Same as if you were carrying a Data Mass in Mobile Defense, if you swap from your Secondary weapon, you will drop the Lantern.

“Does the Lantern need to be picked up to work?” 
The Lantern will work if left on the ground, but you may need to pick it up and move it to the “New Horde” areas so that you can maintain its charge.

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vor 52 Minuten schrieb [DE]Danielle:

If you can manage the necessary single-run score of 900 (15 minutes) 

That's too difficult to be honest. ^__^

"You can extract at any point after 5 minutes, but since this is an Endurance Mode see how long you can go!"   

I will extract after 5 minutes. ^__^

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6 minutes ago, Xenvron said:

Is Khora's straggle dome intended to keep the enemies invulnerable like a maniac enemy despite the the lantern being right next to them? 

I think all CC is, since Nezha's spears were doing the same for me. Did not expect that given how the boss fight with the lantern had worked.

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10 minutes ago, laney_family said:

For anyone doing this mission, please dont pick the Flame up then run around everywhere that the enemies are not... makes the missions far more difficult than need be.

This ^

and those volt players that are spamming the heck out of the speed ability. not needed for what has to be done. 

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