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Dojo Directory/signs "decorations"


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The dojo can sometimes be a maze of similar looking rooms, and with the mini-map bug where not all the rooms are always displayed it can be disorienting at times.


My solution to this problem is to add decorations that help tenno lost in their dojo labyrinth find their way around.  These are the Directory and Customizable signs.


The directory would be a large overview map of a floor, or part of a floor, of the dojo with a marker as to where the directory is located in the dojo (yes a mall directory in the dojo).


The signs would be decorations with a typed message displayed on them that must be chosen upon the placement of the sign.  These would be great for arrows/ navigating similar looking rooms (clan-tech weapons labs anyone?).



Feedback is welcome and appreciated,


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Love the idea.


I would just suggest the Mall Map Part


Player walks up to Dojo Map 


Presses X


Shows each directory of what is in the dojo so far


Choose it (Clan-Tech)


Sets a Place Maker that you could follow.


Each room has this Directory at the doors. 


Or a Re vamp of the Control System to each room has a Directory Option in it so Lost Tennos can find their way around.


Love your idea man. (Even though I barley go into the Dojo when I do I am completely lost. My only way I memorized everything was go into Door to the right then Middle then left then I would know that the last door I'm going to is the first door I came through >_ >) 

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