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So Where Does The Acrid Stand Currently?


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Essentially from all I've heard, the Acrid was a neat gun upon release that was accidentally way more powerful then intended. It went through a series of changes, and seeing as Im about to build it... I'd like to know how much priority i should put over this over other weapons in my inventory.


How does the Acrid currently stand after the changes? I've heard some people say it's underwhelming, and during a venus defense mission with a pug, one teammate suggested that it's still OP.


I'll absolutely give it a shot, and report my opinion at the end. But for now, I'd like a better idea of what to expect.


Any opinions from the forums?

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The Acrid has about half again the base DPS of the Supra (higher in practice), and it bypasses armor. For comparisons sake, the Flux has less than a third of its DPS. It's not just the highest DPS in the game, it's the highest DPS in the game by a large amount.


Edit: Also, this should be in Players Helping Players, not feedback.

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