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Everything Is Very, Very Black.


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So I finally got enough mastery point to get to rank 9. The rank 9 promotion test is a Stealth Killing test.


So I put on Loki and energy siphon, jumped in, and was greeted with everything with a model being black, except for energy highlights. I was all black, the ground and walls were all black, the enemies were black. The only things that didn't blend in with everything were my red energy highlights, the Grineer's yellow energy, and the white background/sky.


I am pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen, though I did manage to pass the test.


Unfortunately the screenshot i took failed so I can't post one. Has anyone else experienced this?

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It was a pretty intense mission, taking advantage of the fact that it is not timed and if you fell off the map, you were teleported back to the start of the section and therefore safe from detection without restarting. I still can't believe I managed my way through it successfully.

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