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I love this game. I try to login every day to play some collect mats and get new warframe parts. It has some problems but its still in beta so i have no problem. But...

And this is a big but. Curently its quite hard to find squads for specific areas or bosses. The only way to get ppl together is either here on the forums or ingame if you have them as friends. Still timezones and servers might make it hard to communicate and to organize.

This is why i'm starting this topic. Maybe some invites in the future or at a later part. I would love to play this with my friends, who also would love to play. Most of them didn't apply for the beta because of the uncertanty of getting in.

Im not saying we should get a dozen or so, 1-2 max we don't want to overload the servers just some ppl i know i can get to play when im playing.

Thanks for reading comment and give your opinion please.

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This is why some invites would be lovely. You still can build a friend base inside the game but its good to add some people that you can reach on other chanels. I know because its still closed beta a player limit is in state, but this would realy help us to find the bugs and problems that happen with more people.

Aded you Blaze.

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