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Trade-Off (Offset) Mods


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Hear me out, I think this will really encourage character building and modification. It's basically simple. Instead of giving out dual stat mods, why not add mods that give buffs and debuffs altogether. I really don't like hearing the word "customized" build when we all use the same mods that only buff us.


The point is, so far, the only debuff mod I know of is Quick Return (please feel free to cite more examples if I'm mistaken). It's a useful debuff I guess (since I really don't use the Glaive), but IMO debuffs should add points and not deduct from them.


Actually, to better demonstrate my point, here are some of my suggested mods:



Section A - Change Damage Type


1. Chipped Edge (Melee) - slightly reduces damage but turns damage type to serrated edge

I think this one shouldn't have ranks just like Coolant Leak. It's basically a customization mod for changing damage types. I personally would put this on Reaper Prime.


2. Full Metal Jacket (Rifle) - reduces fire rate and magazine size but turns damage type to armor piercing and provides puncture. It's bullet science really, full metal jacket bullets behave differently from their normal counterparts. In this case, I'd put this mod on a Braton or another sub-machine gun. Shield Lancers will hate this.


3. Magnum Rounds (Pistol) - reduces accuracy and adds recoil but turns damage to Physics Impact and gives 100% Stagger. I mean, really, if you got shot by a magnum round and survive, it will take time to get up, IF. I'd put these on the Dual Vastos and watch enemies get blown away. I dunno about making another class of sidearms, but I'd also put this on my Despair for the stagger.


4. Short Barelled (Sawed Off) (Shotgun) - reduces range, gives wider cone and greater fall-off but increases damage and gives Stagger. Take your pick of shotguns, but I'd like this on Hek.


5. Bolt-Action (Sniper) - reduces clip size to 1 and increases reload time but greatly boosts damage per rank, changes damage type to Serrated Edge and adds Puncture. Add in Charged Chamber (if you didn't get Primed Chamber), Maxed Serration and Elemental Mods, and you have yourself a one-hit-kill weapon. I personally would make a crit build with this.


6. Serrated Arrowheads (Bow) - I think you get the idea and just increase distance fall-off due to increased arrowhead weight.


7. Chained (Melee) - will change your held melee weapon's charge attack from a swing to a thrown weapon. Attack speed decreases but Charged attack Damage increases by rank. Select melee weapons only. I'd love this on Hate.



Section B Trade Off mods

These will basically replace the stat changing helmets but on a more controllable pace and provide more creativity.



1. Brawn - reduce energy max and add hp (sorry getting lazy to type)


2. Smooth skin - increase armor but increase wall run stamina costs. (girls will love this)


3. Rebirth - chance to fully heal upon death. Chance increases per rank. So what's the trade off? It's a big 16 mod points eating SKILL. It has a " polarity and is a rare ten ranks mod with rank 0 being 6.


4. Camouflage - allows you to blend in with the surroundings while pressing block near a wall. Enemies should not see you do this and they will ignore you. Trade off: Blocking drains stamina more, and it eats a lot of mod points. Better put in a stamina mod too.


5. Taunt - yep, it's another Skill. Instead of using Energy, it can use Stamina. Mod Rank affects Range and effect on enemy. Taunted enemies will blindly focus all attack on target (good for drawing away aggro), will deal x additional damage, have x decrease in shields / armor and will not use skills (i.e. use grenades, use ground slam, etc.) while in taunted state. In conclaves, taunted Tenno can still use skills but cannot use block.


6. Fake Death - Skill again. Tenno will fake death upon activation. The player cannot move or effects wear off. All alarms are reset and if the Tenno is still playing dead after 30 seconds, the Tenno is brought back to the start point (enemy has disposed of your body). No ranks.


7. Leader (aura) - No polarity. Boosts numerous stats of all teammates, but all Aggro will focus on you. Only the host can use it and anybody else equipped with the same aura will not stack its effects.


Research Mods

I hope this encourages clan synergy, affiliation and less drop-outs.

1. Reactive armor (Warframe) - (just like in tanks) Uses Detonite in crafting. Increases resistance to projectiles but decreases resistance to other damage sources.


2. EMP armor (Warframe) - Uses Fieldron in crafting. Creates another layer of ambient shields. It's strength is determined by rank but is highly resistant to laser and energy weapons. Decreases energy efficiency by 30%.


3. Technocyte Armor (Warframe) - Uses Mutagen in crafting. Increases Armor per rank, makes you immune to Toxic poison but take 3x damage from blades and fire.


4. Explosive coating (Melee) - Uses Detonite in crafting. Melee strikes explodes and deals x damage in x meters AoE. In return it reduces x% attack speed.


5. Energy Coating (Melee) - Uses Fieldron in crafting. Adds x% laser damage. In return it reduces Critical Chance.


6. Acidic Coating (Melee) - Uses Mutagen in crafting. Adds x% acidic DoT damage for x ticks. In return it reduces Damage.


Yay! Researching mods!


Generic Weapon Mods

1. Slotted (Weapon/varies) - decreases weapon performance (damage, fire rate, accuracy, etc.) but adds mod points instead of deducting from them. For example, you want to add Split Chamber but you don't have enough points and that you calculate you have to forma the weapon thrice (just for example's sake) just to get the necessary points. If you have an extra slot and are willing to sacrifice an attribute, then add this mod instead and get the mod points that you need.

==>First mod to have variable statistics, you can have a common "reduce damage" to rare "reduce max ammo".


2. Pocketed (Warframe/varies) - Warframe version of the above mentioned.


3. Loyalty (Sentinel) - high mod point eating precept that fully heals player when player hp reaches 1 at the cost of destroying the sentinel. Yes, you can cry, it's okay. For the heartless, add in Spare Parts.


4. Weighted (Melee) - will decrease attack speed but will increase charge damage by rank. Great for thrown melee.


5. Padded Stock (Rifle/Shotgun) - will reduce recoil and increase accuracy but will slow down holster speed and stun chance.


6. Belt Fed (Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol(?)) - ammo directly eats into reserves, removing reload and increasing fire rate but decreases accuracy and holster time. You won't need magazine mods but you'd definitely need Ammo mods.



Well that's it, for now, I guess. I have tons of ideas that would take up my whole day if try to organize my brain. I hope you like some of them. And I hope DE would look into this because IMO this will be crucial in balancing out frames as a whole. I'll update the thread after your much appreciated feedback and/or when my brain functions again.




Update 1: Added at least 2 more mods for every section.

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having mods that trade-off could work, but im afraid your suggestions wont, having mods that change the base damage into armor piercing/ignore will almost seem mandatory, and some everyone on the forum nowadays are bent on the idea "the game relies on X, remove it", it isnt gonna work. but then again, damage 2.0 is coming out soon, so that much change some stuff.

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Well the thing is, anyone and everyone has access to all the same mods. Aside from gameplay and teamwork, supposedly character build customization is also a selling point of the game. But with all the similar and buff only mods, basically everyone is using the same build suited for each weapon or frame. Everyone will have serration. Everyone will have hornet strike. Every shotgun enthusiast wants Blaze. It's called modify, not simplify. These are just suggestions that should encourage everyone to have their own personal build that not anyone can just copy.


My point is, almost all the mods available are just buffs. Buff damage. More bullets. Faster shots. There isn't much room to focus on just one aspect of a build and just ignore/sacrifice another aspect. Yes, damage 2.0 might (again, might) address the problems with armor scaling and late game weapon viability, but I'm talking about variety and identity here. You don't hear anybody, "hey, John has this imba attack blocking build that let's him play while having low hp" or "yo bro, this random dude had like a sniper weapon build that killed Phorid in one shot".


To sum it up, if you see a Nova frame, you can already expect energy siphon and a lot of molecular prime spam, 'coz that's the only way you can optimize her. Have you ever seen a nova with more than 700 HP and shields using melee on a Grineer Napalm? I don't think so.

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