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Nightwave: Ascendant Mission doesn´t count as client


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On 2019-10-27 at 8:08 PM, Dark_Lugia said:

Over the last Nightwave seasons and Intermissions i had it a few times where I did the ascension rooms and it didn't count towards my nightwave mission.

Happend only if I were client but it didnt matter if I joined late or were there since the beginning.

Just had this happen except it was my brother who didn't get it counted. We're literally in the same room. I am the host and he is a client. We did private and completed the agility course but only i got it to count for the nightwave.

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Have had this happen as well. Most of the tests for us have been fine, but one we've so far been unable to get the client to recognise. That room is specifically the test where you're scaling a circular room vertically, using organ pipes to blast you up higher to eventually reach the hole in the centre of the ceiling way up (agility if I recall). In most cases I went first (as host) and climbed up to the top before my friend took their turn. If you can't do it one after another though I don't see how you'll be able to get that test done since only one person can do it at a time. Climbing to the top after didn't seem to help either, got no flag for it.

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