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[Idea] Dynamic Weekend Events


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Simple idea that came to me. Every weekend, there will be a random "event" that will give a passive boost to all players. On one weekend it could be double affinity. On another weekend it could be increased material drop rates. Or maybe Fusion Cores would always be Uncommon or higher for the weekend. You get the idea. Simple events that don't need to be announced in advance, don't have a leaderboard and don't give everyone exclusive weapons and badges.


What's the point? It can be tiresome to make a new enemy, weapon and badge design for it to only last two days, and then be expected (by some people) to do it frequently. These weekend events would be chosen randomly. It wouldn't require effort from DE, and it would serve as a reason to play Warframe during the weekend.


There would still be special weekend events, and they would override the RNG-chosen one.


TL;DR: Randomly chosen, small and simple "buffs" every weekend so DE doesn't have to give out free guns and make new tilesets all the time.


What's your opinion? Good? Bad? Leave your thoughts down below.

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