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HUD disappearing in the Exploiter Orb fight [Fix Pending]


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  • 3 weeks later...

Quick update I guess, this bug is still happening on PS4, I tried the item linking method in chat, it didn't accept any item name typed. Also a random player joined the squad after the orb entrance cutscene, I don't know about their HUD but when they left the HUD remained broken for me. After aborting to the orbiter I found that my destreza prime was still in the Warframe's hand when I pet the kavat. It stayed in hand until going to the arsenal.

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Noticed more stuff
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This bug is still happening on PC. Tried twice, happened twice.

As you can see, the HUD is not available after one vent exploded. I've thrown at her a good amount of cannister filled with thermia, nothing happenned.
Also, melee keybind and secondary fire of Redeemer weren't working anymore.

EDIT: Nevermind, it was my bad. Forgot I had to hit that radiator thingy.
Then again, the bug with the Redeemer is a thing.

Cheers !

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