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DNS Issue: Resolved


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1 минуту назад, NodDragon сказал:

Great, I should have seen this thread before spending over an hour going through my home infrastructure to figure out what is wrong. Oh well, good to know it is not on my site.

yeah,exactly the same 😄 almost broke my system,trying to repair this XD

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Hey Tenno!

Any players seeing a 'DNS lookup failed' issue should sit tight - we are working with our infrastructure partners to resolve. We will update this thread when it's resolved.


ahhh, well (CLEM!) then. I figured it was the landlord (CLEM!) with the internet router. Was about to go full rhino on his ........lua.

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3 minutes ago, Kaldire said:

Yeah still down for me also, and warframe.com is also down

glad some can play but doh bart!

now Old blood is delayed due to this issue



If your talking about the post by Reb concerning pushing it back to November, that isn't real.

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