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Can't Invite Or See My Friends Online


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Though I love the game, it sucks I never see the friends with whom I am on skype.

I know they are in game but can't get to see them in the contact list.

We can erase eachother and resend the friendship invite, we can even accept it but we don't see eachother online...


Some advise or help please...?

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Hey Deus667, there is a thread down in the match making bugs forum that you can look through for answers. however if you are getting Strict NAT messages when you log in or if your friends are getting those messages then it may be the router you are using either needs an update or if your router provider doesnt have an update (belkin routers) then you sadly may need a new router or a mutual friend who everyone can connect to, to host game sessions for you.


Good luck.

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