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Plains Of Eidolon Bounty bugs

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Hi. When doing bounties on The Plains of Eidolon I've noticed a few bugs that are worth pointing out:

1- During a drone protecting bounty, sometimes the drone goes through a Grineer base near Mount Nang and it gets stuck to a rock and can't continue to the destination.

I've encountered this bug 2 times (both times in the same location). The only thing I can do in this situation is to just leave the Plains and abandon the objective.

2- One of the bounties, we have to stop the Grineer from recapturing the location. Every enemy killed gives 10 percent. The problem is that sometimes the enemies don't spawn as often as they should. The extra bounty reward asks us to keep the percentage above 50 but since a lot of times enemies don't spawn, that extra bonus is not given and a few times I failed the mission completely because of this. I've encountered this problem a few times.

3- One of the bounties asks you to kill an assassination target. The bonus reward is given if you can draw him out in less than 1 minute. I've managed to draw the target in that time window and I got the box tick for the bonus reward but after killing the target I notice that the tick is now an X meaning I failed the bonus part. I encountered this a few times.

4- One of the bounties asks you capture a target. The bonus reward is given if you don't kill anyone other than the target. But funnily enough a lot of times that extra bonus reward fails after I land on the ground. It's important to notice that I don't have a companion that can attack/kill the enemies.

Basically, after the introduction of bonus reward system to the Plains Of Eidolon(Fortuna had it first) we should be able to get more standing and rewards but due to the buggy nature of these extra bonus missions we can't.


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I've had other ones.  The only one off the top of my head is doing a drone escort, kept drone over 80% (technically it never took any damage owing to Limbo's banish) and when the bounty chain was over, that step was marked as not completing the bonus.  So it's possible for you to lose your bonus credit even after the step is finished.

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