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(PC) Grendel & Masseter Feedback

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Grendel has been the most controversial piece of content. Forget Hildra for a moment. Here are points to consider:


1. His cost in the market is 100 plat more than the other warframes. A 50% coupon is a risk in it self.


2. The no mod missions with the keys to them is too much of a progress to ask for getting their parts. The community has managed farming Mesa before the prime came out. Character like Octavia have had time consuming drop chances for their parts. Grendel tops Octavia. If his mission(s) for his parts were behind a quest unlocked mission like Nidus that would be better.


3. The energy drain is too much to manage against level 300+ enemies. It is more functional to use a whole team with Energize and the Armor Aura or Physique with Valkyr Prime than it is for Grendel.

4. The tip to get specific buffs on devour wasn’t released with the character or wasn’t mentioned til later on.


5. Their 4th ability is affected by physics more than it should be and is a mischilanious ability as Mirage’s 4th. It is neither best for damage nor crowd control. Vauban’s bounce ability and Speed Boost has more functionality as a ability.


6. The kit makes the character an ability focused version or Inaros, much like the ability focused Guass compared to Volt.


7. This character has no mouth and it’s stomach was used for a mouth instead.


8. There’s no cephalon bits nor collectibles in a open world to scan for at least to give the story behind this Warframe.


9. What concept or idea inspired the character and it was to be impressive why did it get a tool kit that doesn’t deliver?


10. If we’re getting characters that are going to fit outside the idea of the story arch that warframe has, then doing what Portal Quest is doing by add wolverines, animorph warframes, Knights, and warframes that look like a stack of pancakes would be next on the concept list for Warframes.

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I'm slowly levelling Grendel. I never try and form an opinion of a frame until it's hit level 30 but that's not easy with this one.

1. Checking energy drain for if I've got something in my stomach gets old fast. Maybe there's some other cue I'm missing, dunno.

2. I hate my squad members cos everything is dead before I can eat anything.

3. Rolling round like marble madness feels like I ain't contributing.

I dunno. Never really felt so at odds with my squad with any other frame. It's like they're being serious and I'm being this useless clown trying to have fun in the mission (haha, look at me swallow stuff, haha look at me puke it back out. haha look at me roll around) while contributing absolutely nothing to it.

And there's always that nagging feeling you could be making things worse (i.e. enemies not dead in stomach holding things up).

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His dodge/roll should have been what turns him into the rolling ball, and replace his "ultimate" for something actually more ultimate, just sounds more like fluid game play to me

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