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The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.1

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The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.1

Known Issues:
Some items not in this Hotfix include an issue with Kuva Siphon missions not rewarding Relics, which we are looking into.
We have done a Serverside fix for this and will deploy it permanently in the next Hotfix, you should all be okay now to collect your Relics!

•    Fixed some getting a script error when attempting to purchase an item that doesn’t have multiple purchases available. 

•    Removed irrelevant Parazon upgrade screen tip.
•    Tweaks to offset Armor pieces on Grendel.

•    Fixed an issue related to keybindings that would cause multiple issues (anything from not being able to roll, to Titania not being able to use her Diwata). If you reset your bindings to fix this, reset them again to cure!
•    Fixed a crash related to Melee weapon ranges in the Arsenal. 
•    Fixes towards animation issues when reloading the Boltor with the Boltor Bravura Skin equipped.
•    Fixes towards Kuva Lich Armor alignment.
•    Fixed a typo in the Fass Requiem Mod.
•    Fixed issues with lighting in certain boss tiles. 
•    Fixed an AI navigation issue in the Grineer SEttlement tileset due to door-framing.
•    Fixed Operator eyeballs having spotty black textures. 

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Please change the default roll back to Sprint/Roll on Shift key.
Controller seems to be unusable on PC anymore. 

Can't exit Archwing with a quick melee anymore. Please 😞
Quick attacks with a high attack speed melee seems to bug out and cancels animations unless you spam it very fast.

Can I have my old 45 second Zenistar back. Pretty please?

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La peor decisión por parte de DE haber hecho el cambio a melee, ahora todas las armas que yo usaba y sus ataques por defecto son irreplicables, la redeemer ya no es capas de disparar tan solo apretando la E. Por que no dejar eso como estaba? y agregar los combos después de ese ataque por defecto que era en la guardia Baile de Balas...
Me devuelven apenas 3 formas luego de haber hecho un nerfeo asqueroso a la gran mayoría de las armas??? cada una ocupaba 6 formas, no 3...

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