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For the most part I really enjoy survival, but there are a few problems I keep running into.



   Sometimes (especially after a host migration) no enemies will spawn

   Sometimes on corpus and grineer survival missions very few enemies spawn, or maybe they are spawning and getting stuck.  A possible fix might be to remove the locked doors and elevators from corpus maps to help improve pathing.



   Increase the enemy spawn rate significantly for every survival mission.  Sometimes it is difficult to get to 10 or 15 minutes on corpus maps simply because there aren't enough enemies to kill for oxygen.  Not only would it decrease the number of lame missions, it would make otherwise playable missions more fun and require more teamwork. 


   Change how extracting / finishing the mission works.  I really liked how it worked during the survival event, you played until you died and the enemies ramped up to 11.  Maybe have dying after 15 minutes on the clock a victory condition.  


   I feel like the current setup where if one person extracts everybody has to sucks.  First, there is no feedback the game doesn't tell you that somebody is trying to extract, so you can't even ask them nicely to stay.  If somebody is trying to extract the game at the very  least should have the text over lay 'Go to extraction' or 'Initiating Extraction'.  I think that extraction should be setup more like defense.  Every 5 minutes when lotus tells you 'Look at what our agent found!' it should actually tell you what the reward would be (like defense).  Then if a player makes it to extraction and survives the count down (which should be visible btw), the game pauses and each player should see the defense collect reward/continue screen.  That way somebody farming Tier 1 keys doesn't waste the time of folks who are farming Tier 3 keys, but everybody got to play together.  The current extraction system for survival basically forces me to play solo if I want to have a decent chance of getting to 15minutes, and that is simply not as fun.


    Nightmare survival should give both survival rewards and nightmare rewards, especially for long survival missions. 

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I think that the extraction mechanics are not designed that way but rather bugged because they don't make sense and are clearly uncomfortable for everyone. As for the rest, I find everything else pretty ok as it is, in 99% cases I can go to whatever time I want unless I am really unlucky with oxygen drops.

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I agree the Corpus spawnrate seems bugged or needs reworking, however I do not agree that all survival missions need more enemies. I don't have an issue with the Grineer Survival missions trying to get 15 minutes and I do Survival Solo.

By increasing the amount of enemies, you increase the rate you get murdered at higher level Survival Missions. Try Ceres Survival Mission, you'll see what I mean.


As for the current extraction method, I like how it works now, but I guess that's because since I play solo I don't have to deal with people extracting early.

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It's a real disappointment that you cannot open a blue O2 container (20% recharge) after O2 drops to 0%. I also just found that even if you start opening one at 1% and O2 drops to 0% while your'e opening one, it also will not recharge the O2 level.

This is very discouraging. What's the logic behind why I can't open an O2 container when O2 is at 0%? No logic.



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