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Is It Just Me Or Does Default Excalibur Head Look Better?


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I don't know... I look at the new season 2 head, and it seems plain... even with the dangly bits, and then the first alternate head just looks like it has a vent built all around it, but then you go back to default head and he looks cool again... it just balances out his whole look... Like the other heads need a skin to go with them... Otherwise its like sticking too much bling in one location, and leaving out the rest to look plain.


We really need something to balance out those funky heads that seem to clash on some warframes...


Edit: like a skin... lol...

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Pendragon helm does look a bit like he's duck face.  But other than that I like it.  The dangly bits in the back and big ole horn.


I do not like how the dangly bits and scarves behave in elevators. It is just ridicules.



Zamboni, thats what I always thought her helmet should look like. 

Mag has some disgusting helmets but her original is the good one :/


I am not a fan of the fish face.

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Have you Vaubans' helmets? Oh god they're hideous. 
One thing I hope they do when they bring out other helmets is make them all look, I guess, stylish. Because they were talking about the future helmets and not wanting them to have any stat-boosting power, and I believe they said it was a mistake. Which pretty much ensures they'll just be new skins from now on.

Even then, I'd love a poll to choose which current helmets should be reworked. So many would be reworked but it'd be worth it.

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Going to say this...

Mag helm original looks perfect

Excalibur helm original looks perfect

Vauban helmets... Not sure where to begin... but that season 2 helmet needs a new skin.

Rhino is one of the few where all his helmets work

Same with Nekros

Same with Trinity

Nyx season 2 head just seems like it requires more on her body to fit.

Nova helmets fit all around

Ember Helmet season 2 needs some skin modification

Volt helmets fit all around

Loki Helmet default, and first alt look odd, but his season 2 helmet just looks perfect for him. Its what should have been his default

Saryn helmet default, and first alt are fitting, her season 2 helmet is cool and all, but I feel her body needs some modification when wearing it.


Just some things I look at when I see those helmets worn.

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