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How many times does Condition Overload stack?



So, as most of us know by now, Condition Overload has changed from:
"multiplies final damage by 1.6 per status proc"
"adds +120% base damage per status proc". (Yes, it's additive with Primed Pressure Point. And yes, this is an indirect but extremely harsh nerf to Chroma.)

But does anyone happen to know what the cap on CO stacks is post-U26? Or whether there is a cap?
The melee dev workshop clearly stated that CO stacks up to 3 times, but the U26 patch notes contain this lovely table:
which suggests that CO can still stack upon itself for a larger number of procs.


So... which one is it?
I'm too tired test this out ingame right now, but if anyone is able to do the testing (or if anyone has already done it), could you post your findings here?

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7 hours ago, rapt0rman said:

No status cap, or rather the original status cap +1 for the new lifted status. Dev Streams are rarely ever final, and actual release notes definitely take precedent.


I also just tested this myself ingame, and I can confirm that CO is scaling to at least 7 procs for me (as opposed to the 3 that the dev workshop stated). I haven't bothered testing with higher proc counts since that's a wee bit more difficult to do, but it really looks like CO doesn't have a status cap.

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