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Warframe Concepts: Syntex; Aeros; Hydris


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Syntex, a warframe and robotic hybrid. Created in the labs of the Corpus, as a hunter of the Tenno, the AI construct has seen the past from the memory of the warframe he was fused with. Syntex is geared to use his enemies technology as a weapon of his own.


Hotwire(Directed; Offensive; Utility)

Hotwire allows Syntex to turn any form of automated weaponry, such as MOAs, to assist him in the heat of combat.


Shielder(General; Utility)

This ability allows Syntex to give him and his squad a over-charge for the shields, allowing a temporary shield increase for a taking extra damage.


Pin Point(General; Utility)

This ability allows Syntex to locate enemies and shows them on his and his allies' radar, allowing him and his squad to effectively take out their targets.


X.C.M(Ultimate; AoE)

Explosive Counter Measures will send a ring of explosive grenades that will stick to the ground and to anything else it touches, and explodes with devastating results.


Descriptive visual(Syntex Only)

Syntex looks robotic, geometric in design. Legs are similar to that of the MOA of the Corpus. A "V" on the face being the sensory "eye".


Aeros is warframe that uses one of the most critical elements for both providing life and death.


Air Burst(Directed; AoE)

This directed attack can damage and push enemies away to make a clearer opening.


Whirlwind(Directed; Utility)

This ability allows Aeros to teleport at a target location, giving him greater maneuverability to out think his foes.


Jet Stream(Directed; Utility)

Jet Stream allows Aeros to create a high speed wind, capable of moving Aeros and his squad over the large gaps.


Decompression(Ultimate; AoE)

This vicious attack sucks the air out of even the tiniest of crevasses, causing all in it's radius to suffocate almost immediately.


Hydris, combining beauty and devastation, she is capable of causing even the most rugged of foes to cower in fear. With the power to control the most abundant element, no one can hide from her.


Water Blade(Directed)

An almost invisible stream of water, moving so fast, it cuts thru Hyris's enemies with ease.


Currents(Defensive; Utility)

Creating a wall of speeding water, it prevents enemy fire and the enemies themselves, from passing, but allows Tenno to pass.


Creeping Mist(Utility; AoE)

Bring a eerie mist into the area, lessens enemies' visuals, keeping Hydris and her allies hidden from sight.


Typhoon(Ultimate; AoE)

With water in the air and any creature, a circular wave bursts out with such force, sending her foes to a watery death.



That's what I have for concepts for new frames. Like some feedback if people would like these ideas. Note: Powers are susceptible to change(If you can think of another power that would be useful in warframe, put it out there :3 ).

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Don't want to be rude, but looks pretty boring. Pretty much nothing new in these concepts.


1) Mind Control

2) Shield Polarize

3) Sonar

4) Generic AoE nuke



1) Sonic Boom

2) Teleport

3) Worm Hole

4) Generic AoE nuke



1) Generic direct attack

2) Snow globe

3) Invisibility

4) Generic AoE nuke


Well, I know there are very similar skills already - like Molt and Decoy, but try to think about something new.

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Syntex would be only able to control turrets and MOAs, not the Corpus Crrewmen and Grineer. And the Shielder is for replenishing only, no drain on enemies. And yes, the 3rd is sonar, but without the weakpoints showing. Also, I had "susceptible to change". I'm willing to make it more of a community idea, not a solo thing.

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Syntex would be only able to control turrets and MOAs, not the Corpus Crrewmen and Grineer. And the Shielder is for replenishing only, no drain on enemies. And yes, the 3rd is sonar, but without the weakpoints showing. Also, I had "susceptible to change". I'm willing to make it more of a community idea, not a solo thing.

Yeah, I can read your original post. But doesnt matter if Syntex's 1st skill would control only robots and not everything - the idea is the same as Mind Control.

So, why would DE approve your concepts if it's just slight modification of existing frames? For example, look at Nekros - it had three completely new abilities, not just reworks of old abilities.

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A game engine can only go so far. I'm trying to keep it in the confine of where it wouldn't be too difficult to render. The Evolution Engine may be impressive, but it's being tested in new ways than it has been in the past. Also, I'm not begging the devs to make the concepts. that's the reason they are called concepts, to be built unless it seems unusable. I would also like to make a note that I another post like this, making assumptions, is made again, I will report. This is a community, not like other communities like Facepunch that consider someone defending their idea to be banned over those that choose to be condescending to that person.


On Topic: If anyone else would like to make suggestions, I welcome it.

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...I dunno, as much as I like the ideas behind these, their abilities just aren't cutting it for me. Maybe try these out:




Turret: deploys an automated shoulder cannon that attacks enemies independently of the player. Pretty much a free Sentinel.


Shield Jammer: fires a device that attaches to a target and disables enemy shields in a radius centered on that enemy.


Electrocute: generates an aura of electricity that damages enemies within range.


Shield Inverter: Causes all shielded units within range to take damage based on their shield value and discharge their shields as an area-of-effect attack, leaving their shields disabled for a while. May also make use of own and allies' shields for attacks, but without causing self-damage.





Wind Tunnel: fires a current of air that deals damage and knocks enemies aside.


Twister: creates a small tornado that pulls enemies and items toward it, may also launch allies that pass through it, giving potential application for aerial slingshot maneuvers.


Hover: Temporary flight, ascend with Jump. Can move in any direction, albeit somewhat slowly.


Decompression: Pretty much lets you create that "windows blown out" effect in any room, but creates safe zone around Aeros for allies to use. Doesn't go away on its own, permanent but limited to the room it is triggered in and/or may require a security hack to leave the room, like a normal decompression.






Pressure Stream: line attack deals damage, ignores armor


Tidal Wave: wide attack knocks enemies prone and pushes them back. Temporarily paralyzes mechanical units.


Surf: Boosts speed at the cost of traction by creating a cushion of water under Hydris' feet.


Dehydrate: Deals damage to living targets and creates radial water attack from each one affected. Mechanical units do not suffer initial effect but take extra damage from water spray attacks.




...okay, so maybe these aren't my best ideas, but maybe they can give you some better ones.

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