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Update 10.2.0

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[...] See it in action here:



First thought when watching that video: "Horrible Bitrate". "Artifacts everywhere". This does not even remotely look like 720p or any HD at all. I sent that link to a couple of friends and that's what I mostly got as an answer as well.


I know it's only supposed to be a quick overview of the new item, but good lord... even some amateur youtube let's play looks way better. Why not show off the (subjectively) beautiful graphics?




In b4 everyone rushing to defend DE

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Fix the goddamn syandana physics. And also fix the arsenal; it shows that my sentinel is doing 2k damage per shot with the Shade's burst pistol.

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Did you just intentionally refuse to understand that this is exactly the bug that he was talking about?


Perhaps I don't see it as a Bug?   Always found it annoying as hek that when I would use a cipher to auto-hack a terminal I still had to manual flip the final piece.   


Granted I'm using ciphers up faster, but when I choose to auto-hack a terminal..  I want it to be completely auto-hacked with no other input needed on my end.


Though perhaps since the majority of the Hacks are a five panel code, they could just up the number of panels a cipher turns to 5, and make it so that hacking atempts like those in the mastery rank test round 3 show up that have 6+ panels to move :3

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