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Login-reward item naming bug


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Hi! Torti again. I logged in, i could choose from 3 item rewards. This was the 4th time i was receiving this login-reward. It had three(3) stars showing (maybe it represents the quality of the items (mods).

1st item: number shown (1) and item description was "NO ITEM DESCRIPTION"

2nd item: number shown was something (600) maybe its affinity, item description was correct.

3rd item: number was (600) again, item desc. was correcxt again.

I choose the NO DESC. item to see what happens. Well, no freezes, no glitches after that but i cant check if i got something or not so i cant give more detailed description sorry. I hope this helps.

(Maybe its the rank(20) +51% reload speed for MK1-BRATON (the starter rifle) but i cant be sure, is there a loot log somewhere?)

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