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Kuva Lich Name Repository

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Tee Ga'm,
Bunoo Aigg,
Juvirr Anisygg,
Migopi Agg,
Abakk Imm,
Cudd Mahud,
Sadirr Roo,
Dibil Imm,
Crbir Ga'm,
Hekt Fikk,
Cann Losykk,
Odilitt Mida,
Nesh Axulpt,
Aff Dokaz,
Gilbuk Egg,
Omizk Renn,
Kigbik Varnik,
Cuske Edrurr,
Bahilikk Sobr, 
Logg Rugg,
Misogg Obazodd,
Corgrolor Tekoo,
Ligg Sistriss,
Zuu Udbi,
Godigg Teviss,
Rudirilitt Asykk,
Medd Tikk,
Remi Abizki,
Meki Vodd,
Cii Ulitt,
Xidd Biss,
Anplbukk Norr,
Colitt Krabb,
Tee Tipp,
and last (but most certainly not least) Temm Storr

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I just get a new Kuva Lich and...he is openly furry xDE0KSwwAXIAIRdFJ?format=jpg&name=large


Update 5/1/2021: My furrbro now helps me sometimes between missions, its a very funny lich, also i got two more in the last 24 hours and their names are.......kinky?? 

First we have LURBI FISTH.....I give thanks to heavens that its lurbi and not lubried xD



And now i just get SUKK JISS....she is a little bit "tsundere"


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