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Change Of Warframe Gets Reset Within The Armory


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This seems to be a bug to me:


1) Open Armory

2) Change your Warframe

3) Go into Mods menu

4) Leave the Mods menu

--> The Warframe Model is still shown the new chosen one, but the label top left shows the old one.

5) Exit the armory

--> Now also the model will be reset to the old one. The Warframe change, made in Step 2, hasn't been taken.


Reproducibilty: Always


Warframe Version: 10.2.0

OS: Windows 7 64bit

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Keeps happening to me too. I couldn't get it to work following your steps but usually once every mission it switches warframes for me randomly. Very annoying because most times I'll join a match again without noticing and I'm stuck with a frame not suited for the mission I'm in.

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I've had this happen to me a fair number of times before.  Once it somehow switched my warframe from the last one I used to the one I used before that while I wasn't even logged on.  I've also noticed it happening with the appearance sets:  I'll cycle through A, B, C of a weapon's appearance and certain things will just make it randomly switch.  One time I ended up with everything a different color than I left it.

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