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Possible Exploitable Bugs


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I figured I'd start a thread for bugs which can be used for exploitative purposes. I have found several. I am not sure if they are truly bugs or working as intended, but they seem like they could be exploited. Anyways.... ya...



-Vaubon's Vortex can cause Ignis to hit enemies caught in it multiple times. Basically if you suck targets into a vortex and use the flame thrower on them they seem to insta pop. I've seen crazy damage numbers coming off of the vortex and, while I have attempted to take screens of this Steam is just not fast enough to keep up. 


-Ice traps in the void increase stuns which are tied to casting animations. In my case in my frost, standing on the ice fields, which slow you down by around 40 billion %, and activating Avalanche causes the enemies to be stunned for far longer than normal due to the vastly increased casting animation. Combine this with another team mate to lay into the targets while they are stunned and you can get stupid amounts of damage out during the long stun. I have not tested other frames with stun-while-casting ults, like Mag, but I believe it should be the same for all.


Those are the main two I've seen. I'll post more if I find them

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