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New combo moves - old problem (RANDOM_STEPS)

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Combo still make RANDOM_STEPS forward when you DON'T need it and make you step past the target you want to hit until you lose it finding yourself somewhere behind. 

For the sake of logic and common sense, could ALL the combos be like this:

when you DON'T press forward - ALL combo moves are performed right where you stand, no odd movements, even if there is a jump animation - it should be performed in one place.
when you DO press forward - there should be steps, leaps, slides, jumps forward

We just want to control our movements during combat, not try to compensate odd movements by stop hitting and pressing back.

P.S:"I.E. [Iron Phoenix] would work better if you just swap (Forward + E) move set with E + E + E, then you can just slice while standing in place and make steps + thrusts forward when u press forward, (Block + Forward + E) is fine and logical, no complains there, it makes leap forward with some other funny stuff"

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