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Mastery, Dojo Tests, And Mod Rewards


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DE has been looking for a better way to integrate Mastery.  At the same time the drop tables have been getting more and more crowded, making some of the core mods tougher to get.  My idea is have dojo tests reward the player with thematically appropriate mods.  Each test would give a few random mods from a group.


Here's some possible suggestions:


Rank 0: Standard Test

Give two from:  Fast Deflection, Redirection, Vitality, Steel Fiber

Give two from:  Serration, Hornet Strike, Killing Blow, Pressure Point


Rank 1: Standard Test

Depending on whether the player has a rifle or shotgun equiped, either:

Give two from:  Ammo Drum, Fast Hands, Magazine Warp

Give two from:  Cryo Rounds, Hellfire, Piercing Hit, Storm Bringer,


Give two from: Ammo Stock, Shell Compression, Tactical Pump

Give two from: Blaze, Charged Shell, Chilling Grasp, Flechette


Rank 2: Sidearm Test

Give two from: Quickdraw, Trick Mag, Slip Magazine

Give two from: Convulsion, Deep Freeze, Heated Charge, No Return


Rank 3: Melee Test

Give two from: Fury, Reflex Coil, Reach

Give one from: Molten Impact, North Wind, Shocking Touch


Rank 4: Survival Test

Give three from:  Equilibrium, Fast Deflection, Redirection, Vitality, Steel Fiber

Give two from: Diamond Skin, Flame Repellent, Insulation, Llightning Rod,


Rank 5: Terminal Hacking Test

Intruder and...?  I can't think of anything else that really makes sense


Rank 6: Target Tracking Test

Give Hawk Eye and Eagle Eye

Give two from: Blunderbuss, Point Strike, Pistol Gambit, True Steel


Rank 8: Wall Run Test

Give three from: Acrobat, Marathon, Maglev, Quick Rest, Rush

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