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Pistol Dual & Single Wield (And The Problems With It)


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Many of the Pistols available to us are just single wield or its dual wield "upgrade". I think that it would be cool if there were more downsides to dual wield that just 50% longer reload and "lowered accuracy".

I think there should be new pistol mechanics to outweigh the change so it isn't just straight upgrade to dual wield.

A new "dual trigger" system will be nice for dual wields where your aim and fire buttons (left click and right click) will be changed to left hand fire and right hand fire. The clips of each gun in dual wield should also be calculated separately to help with this and because its weird to have an Afuris with an odd amount of shots.

Therefore, a change like this will make dual wield more dual wield like and add new things to think of when you're about to craft away your single wield pistols. dual wield will be dual trigger with no fine aim while single wield will stay the way it is, making pistol sniping possible.

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