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Best Place To Farm Exp?



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Cyath is meh. Totally meh. 


Kiste and Kappa is where I usually go. Cyath I use a s a farming place.


Ne ways, if you want to level your secondary or primary you have the use them without usijng warframe abilities and rack up as many kills as you can.

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If the weapon you're leveling is low-level, or just not that good, then Lua on Earth is a good place to go. It's the same tileset/mission as all the aforementioned missions (Kiste, Cyath, Kappa, and Graeae which actually hasn't been mentioned. no love for Graeae), mobile defense on the Grineer asteroid tileset. However, the enemies are lower level (10-12 I think), thus easier to kill. and you can still net a fair amount of experience versus kappa even though enemies are 10 levels lower.


I'd definitely recommend Lua. as Ephesus said, you need to get kills with your secondaries/primaries to get major experience for those weapons. the experience mechanics, if you don't know, are that your frame gets half the experience from each kill you make, and the other half goes to whatever killed the enemy. you also get experience from enemies that your allies kill, but that experience is divided evenly between your frame, primary, secondary, and melee. again, if you want lots of easy kills with a primary/secondary, Lua is great, and enemies on kappa don't give that much more experience. added bonus is that you can rack up some ferrite on Lua as well. if you need that.


I'd even go so far as to recommend going solo on Lua if your frames are already sufficiently leveled. Leveling melee weapons is a little more annoying, so sometimes doing Lua solo while trying to get only/mostly melee kills can put you in a bind where you have to use some warframe abilites, which defeats the purpose. and there are so many melee weapons to level up. GDI DE. but with guns, you shouldn't have a problem soloing Lua. But I think more enemies spawn when you're with a group, so take that into consideration


One thing everyone running Grineer asteroid mobile defense missions should know is that most likely, the only reason anyone is there is for experience. so everyone should stick together to maximize exp. so when you're defending the terminals, stay in the room. the worst is when one guy is just spamming his ult in the central area while the rest of the cell is being courteous and waiting for enemies by the terminal. "look, I got the most kills!" it's a co-op game, and mobile defense on the Grineer asteroid are the co-opiest of all, because you're trying to help other players get experience too. it's selfish to go out and steal all those kills on your own. just tell rogue tenno to kindly stay in the room. explain to them in simple terms that everyone gets more exp when you all stick close together


sorry, I've just had a lot of experience (ha) with these missions. I realized a long time ago that they're the best for affinity (and I'm mastery rank 11 now, slowly working towards 12). if anyone who reads this far wants to run a few mobile defenses for experience, I'm generally always leveling something (again, DE makes way too many melee weapons), so feel free to message me or add me (Wallace24 is my in-game name as well)

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