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Few Bugs I've Come Up With.


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After experiencing same bugs over and over again i am starting to get fed up with them so i'm here to report about them and hopefully they'll get fixed. 

Let us begin.


Loud sounds in the log in screen. I have reduced the master volume of the game about half to what it's by default. Whenever i log into game and press the "Login" button, the master volume goes up for a moment until i get into the planet selection screen, its not really game breaking bug but rapes my ears every time i log in.


Jamming menus. Sometimes when i open up, for example, arsenal, inventory or foundry, it gets stuck on the screen, when i try to quit it, it just stays there and plays everything else on the background. Re-logging into the game doesn't help. It can be sometimes removed by going into a mission and then leaving or playing the map till the extraction. Sometimes it gets fully stuck there and forces me to restart the game.


I guess there has been many reports of this but, if some player for some reason cant join your group after getting invited, that slot he would have joined gets filled, this will cause max groups of 3 or even 2. Of course, remaking the group fixes the problem, but if there wasn't any bug to begin with, we wouldn't have to be fixing it by ourselves.


Then few in-game bugs. 


Air slide attack reverse. This is kinda wonky bug and happened to me many times, whenever i jump and do slide attack mid air, my dude makes super quick 180 degrees turn and flies completely wrong direction. This is really affecting in my zorencoptering you know -.-


Overly bugged Nekros. In solo play, he works flawlessly. When playing with a group of people, 2 of his skills are rendered nearly useless. Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead. Whenever i try to use those skills on the corpses around, nothing ever happens. No shadows are summoned even after he does the fancy ritual, no bonus loot from desecrate. Sometimes it says the skill is not ready. Correct me if i am wrong but, doesn't Nekros collect the souls of the corpses and then you can summon them wherever you want? In solo, after killing group of enemies and advancing to new open area where there is nothing around, i can summon the dudes i killed earlier. 

It might also be an act of lag, that you cant summon anything online, but there has been occasions where i know there is no lag around and i still cant summon anything even after bathing in corpses.


Saryn Miasma bug. This might happen sometimes. We all know miasma and other poisonous things disintegrate the targets. When used on ancients, they disintegrate but if they survive the ability, they turn invisible.


There are probably more that i forget to add here but these are the ones i remembered for now.


And one improvement...


In dojo, i cant see how many mutagen masses or fieldrons i have. You could add a counter in there so people wont buy too many?


There we go, hope we see sum hotfixes soon :)

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